Monday, December 05, 2005

A Bit of Justice...Iraqi Style.

As some of you may have heard or read, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark (under Lyndon Johnson's admin.) has traveled to Iraq to assist Saddam Hussein's legal defense team. "Our plan is to go to court in Baghdad on Monday morning representing the defense counsel as defense support. A fair trial in this case is absolutely imperative for historical truth to justice obviously," Clark told the Reuters news agency before trodding off to Baghdad on his crusade for international justice. Clark, who opposed the Iraq war and who also met with Saddam in 2003 prior to the American led invasion, was introduced to a bit of legal decorum Monday morning...Iraqi style.

Before stomping out of the courtroom, where he was reportedly seen crying into his blankey, Clark was informed by Chief Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin that according to the court which Amin noted was established by an elected Iraqi government, only Hussein's chief counsel was authroized to address the court. Clark was not to be disuaded. He futily attempted to address the court for some fifteen minutes only to be informed by Judge Amin that Arabic was the only recognized language of the court. "Thanks for your sit down!" (author's note). Welcome to the beginnings of a democratic Iraq, Mr. Clark!

Mr. Clark, who undoubtedly opposed the Iraq invansion as an attempt by imperialistic America to impose her democratic ideals on the country, is now attempting to do the same thing that he once derided America for doing. Mr Clark, may I remind you that you are no longer in America. This is not an American court. This is Iraqi judicial precedent. I apologize to you if you feel that your legal cause would be better served under the brutal hand of him whom you seek to so nobly defend. Fortunalty for the sake of justice, the new Iraq that I and so many others have helped establish, does not ascribe to the winings of American attorneys.

The basis for Mr. Clark's argument is that the tribunal is not a legal judicial body, but rather one created under a country who is currently occupied by a foreign body. Once again Mr. Clark, America did not establish this court. The court and its chief justice was appointed by a leader who was elected by the people of Iraq not one who was placed on the bench by any American. Nice try though.

To no one's surprise, Saddam, aided by his equally innate half-brother Barazan Ibrahim, continued their preemptive strike for an insanity plea, by shouting, "Why don't you just execute us?", and "Long live Iraq!". Well, gentlemen, I echo your sentiments and hope that both your wishes are wrapped nicely, tied with a bow and left under your CHRISTmas tree. (For an explanation to the Christmas debate, visit Capt. B's blog).

One last suggestion if I may Mr. Clark...As soon as you learn to speak Arabic and the Iraqi court decides to allow you to speak, dry your tears and and make a motion for a change of venue to the New York Supreme Court, you know...just down the street from ground zero? Maybe there, you will find your idea of how a court should be conducted and who knows, the Hussein's might see their holiday wishes come true as well! Isn't democracy simply grand?


Barb said...

Is it wrong of me to take pleasure in Clark being slapped down?? I don't care - he deserves to be treated like the interloper to Iraq, not to mention traitor to the US, that he is.

I hope that Judge Amin keeps his backbone strong and rams the court process through it's paces to a just result for the Iraqi people.

Anonymous said...

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