Saturday, December 17, 2005

America "Lucky" in Iraq?

It appears ladies and gentlemen, that some of our friends within the main-stream media are scratching their collective heads. Their journalistic ship is sinking and like rats, they are scurrying to avoid going under into the abyss. Overheard at the local MSM watercooler:

TOM - "Bob, we've got to rethink our approach to this whole Iraq thing. It looks like it may just work. We've got to save face somehow. What can we do?"

BOB - "I've got it Tom! We'll just say they got lucky and that it was nothing that the Bush administration or the troops did to bring about this success, but that it was just a plain and simple case of blind luck."

TOM - "Brilliant!"

Sound far-fetched? Guess again. In the desperate attempt to discredit President Bush and the coalition forces, there are some who are actually trying to credit our successes to blind luck.

Tucker Carlson (TOM), in his op-ed piece Untied, sided with his anonymous friend (BOB) who appears to be the lead rat in the race to abandon the "Iraq is doomed to fail" ship. "If Bush ends up being right about Iraq", BOB...I mean anynomous stated, "it will be through luck and accident and God's grace, not through any skillful calculation of his own."

So let me get this straight, stating in your piece that you feel your friend is right, honestly believe that we are getting lucky in Iraq? Of course! I see it and your kind have left yourselves no other alternatives. Admiting that you underestimated America and her allie's resolve would be nothing less than devestating. Not an option...So luck, yes luck is what it must have been right? Well friends, allow me to shed some light into your otherwise darkened minds; luck has had about as much involvement in our successes here, as intelligence has had in the development of your careers! Our successes here are the result of blood, sweat and good ol' American determination; nothing else. And I along with many others, take your atrribution as a slap in our faces. We came over here with one win this war against terrorists. And to have some desk-jockey say that we got lucky is detestable. Yes, gentlemen, your ship is indeed sinking and I and my fellow warriors will take great satisfaction in watching it go down. I just hope that you are lucky enough to abandon ship before she takes you with her.

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Barb said...

Ahh, but you are missing their point. It is lucky for THEM that they still have jobs after all of the horrible and one-sided reporting. And lucky for THEM that the MSM is still in business. I never watch TV news any more, except for an occasional FOX panel discussion, and I read the WSJ and the comics ... and blogs ;-)

Thanks for sharing the good word from Iraq!