Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bingo and I getting a much needed breather
in a house in the City of Saddah during
Operation Ironfist.


Tara said...
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Tara said...
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Phoenix said...

Wow.. I haven't really had time to read your post but I can tell you in just a few short glimpses.. I've learned an incredible amount about you.

As a blogger who's been doing this for a little bit.. let me advise you.. (because trust me, I've been there) don't post any pictures with your name on your uniform. I personally wouldn't do rank or insignia either.. black it out in photo editor.

Also.. ask that family and friends not use real and full names in comments. Have them email you.

OpSec for you and your loved ones is paramount in today's world where we don't know who, or when the enemy is watching us..

So consider it. If you disagree.. by all means.. go on with it.

I encourage blogging.. in fact.. from what I've read.. I really like your writing. Just don't get caught up and have your voice shut down because of some easy to fix things.

There are some issues going around right now with bad guys targeting soldier's whose identities are posted online.

And I can guarantee you.. I can locate your buddy tara s. listed, as well as his home address and telephone number in about two minutes. Then I can googleearth his home and show you satallite pictures of the vehicles in his driveway and toys in his back yard if he has kids..

In fact.. I could list for you every single place the man has lived. It is that simple and the information is free online.

Don't believe me.. but really, can you afford not to?

Take care.. Just trying to look out for a fellow soldier..

Army Girl

Kat said...

I love your dog. Mine does not hunt out explosives, but he does think that he should be involved in all things and he is five.

No idea how to fix it. Even tried the "socializing" thing. It got slightly better in the house, but he still thinks anyone sitting on or near the floor is doing it so he can play with them.

The only time it gets better is outside on the leash. This may be more practice at things like "heel" and possibly keeping treats or toy in your pocket that you can pull out and distract him with. Although, I don't know how this will work in your environment when you do sometimes want him to take the lead.

Just some thoughts.

Barry said...

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