Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back To the Basics

Folks, it's time for a change. As I was reading over some of my earlier posts I made a realization. I started this blog in the hopes that it would be a avenue for me to A) keep family and friends informed on how/what I am doing in Iraq, and B) as a release of sorts for myself; which in the beginning, it was both. I have noticed however, that as of late my postings have gravitated toward venting frustration on the liberal media's campaign of misinformation. And while this is without a doubt a noble and much-needed cause, I have realized that at least for the present, it is not my cause.

Another reason for this is because I have noticed myself becoming frustrated. I remember when I was a boy, my Father used to engage in a heated debate with...the television; the "Crossfire" of the bullets was not just happening on the TV, it was occurring in our living room as well! Although at the time I thought he was off his rocker, I have found myself at times wanting to toss this computer out into the sand as I read some of the reports coming from this region. It has been extremely disheartening for me to hear/read about all things negative concerning our mission here in Iraq. I am a firm believer that negativity only breeds more negativity and I will not be its catalyst. I simply will not allow myself to be distracted or disenchanted by some of the garbage coming from the reporters here. If they are comfortable allowing their minds to be consumed with ruminations of negativity in search of ratings, so be it. But I am not, and will not be in their camp. There are many good people who are committed to the truth and also committed to seeing the web of lies being spun by the liberal media destroyed. So as for me and my postings, I intend to return to my roots and once again get back to the basics.

I received an email from my Mother the other day. In it, she told me how much she enjoys hearing what I am doing here and I realized that I haven't given her much to read about as far as that is concerned. So Mom, I guess at least in part, I have you to thank for this realization. Well, my brothers and I have a war to go win. With that, more reports from the front lines to come. Stay the course and fight the good fight guys, and rest assured your Marines will be doing the same.


Agnieszka O. in CO said...

Thank you for your service and sharing your experiences.

Barb said...

I can imagine that the recent events overlaid with the recent (lack of) reporting is a hard combination to avoid writing about. And you should let yourself vent a bit now and again. But it is true that all of us want to know about you and your perceptions there, the way you see the local Iraqis, and how and what you're doing.
Oh ... and thanks a bunch for the link, and the vote of confidence :-)

JarheadDad said...

Funny how that works huh? heh! I started a little fotopage on our son's second deployment so we could swap pics and show him stuff from home. Next thing you know stuff has to be "apruved" etc. Now I search out as much info as I can on what the BN is up to. And dealing with the Marines we lose. All of a sudden it got to be a full time job! And one that can wrench your heart out.

You've got it right. Why stress when you can remove it? Time to deal with all that when you redeploy and then it'll be fun to read what you write about all of the negatives. Just don't worry, we "get it" so all the pantywaist bedwetters can rant their negative spin 'til the cows come home without success.

Take care of yourself, your Brother Marines, and bizness. We'll cover your six! :-)

Semper Gumby!

David said...

Your feedback about how the media and the pundits make you feel was helpful. Certainly it is worth picking and choosing the most outrageous statements to counter. As Maureen Dowd would say, you have "moral authority."

But you don't need to take on the whole political/media circus. We have plenty of folks stateside to do that.

If you were to look back in history, you could find articles in the New York Times bemoaning the occupation of Germany, stating that our army's actions were alienating the German people and worrying that the situation could become unstable and out of control. So this doom and gloom is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

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